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Computer electronic locker

With revolutionary development in locker technology, relying on computer-controlled performance, kiosk can takes more than 100 doors and customized functions.

Parcel locker

Online shopping is the new trend of the ecommerce, to solve last mile delivery problem, parcel locker will make your guest feel confidence and value your business.

Microcontroller locker

Want more value on electronic locker business? Choose this which can achieve 70% of computer electronic locker functions, however the cost will 30% lower

ABS/PVC locker

If you looking forward different material locker, plastic locker is your first choice, light, easy to transport based on assembly structure. Corrosion protection and waterproof

Cell phone charging locker

Nowadays, People cannot do without the cell phone, cell phone life depends on its battery. Cell phone charging locker is a new change for your business.

Coin operate locker

It is the tradition locker with more than 20 years in Industry, easy to use low investment and low risk.

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