YSlockers Shanghai Yishan Industrial Co., Ltd. is an industry leader for superior-quality touch-screen, barcode, IC card, fingerprint, mechanic, ABS and PVC lockers. We focus on research,manufacture, sales and we stand behind our products.

Our factory is located in the beautiful Qingpu District in Shanghai, China. Our company is comprised of the best research and development, product management, and domestic and international sales departments in the industry. We are dedicated to discovering and developing innovative patented products in the field.

Our company is driven by a group of outstandingly creative and hard-working personnel. All of our R&D team members have PhDs, who are from Tongji University, Information Engineering University, East China University of Science and Technology and other major universities of our country.

We also have a talented team of sales and customer service representatives, who are equipped and eager to meet the needs of our customers. Because of our superior team, we have become the go-to manufacturers for intelligent self-service locker equipments in China. All of our achievements are due to our insistence on applying our three core values into everything we do. The three principles of our company are: Committed, Reliable and Accountable.

Since Yishan’s establishment, we have built and fostered satisfying professional relationships with theme parks, chain supermarkets, stadiums, libraries, prisons, army units, hotels, airports, railway stations, and many more. Yishan Ren’s commitment to providing high-quality locker equipments and exceptional customer support is seen all over the world.

We strongly believe in – We not only meet all your expectations, we go above and beyond!etup.