15” touch screen Industrial PC koisk

  • Electronic locker systems are operating in major theme park installations all around the World.

  • They operate day after day under constant heavy usage requiring minimal maintenance or service.

  • They are durable and built to last for countless years, delivering a substantial stream of revenue and an excellent return on your investment.

  • Customers appreciate the user-friendly YS locker systems, and the peace of mind they get from knowing their possessions are secure and safely stored.

  • At YS, our electronic lockers require minimal supervision and assistance, allowing staff members to focus on other, more important customer service activities.

6 Recognition Methods

We offer IC Card, Self-set password/pin, Finger Vein, Barcode and Facial recognition systems. We have the ability to customize your lockers according to your requirements.


Note: Optional network based advertising system, different payment methods and back-up batteries available.

Multi-Network Mode

One central server controls multiple servers. Easing monitoring and management.



Infrared Detection

Infrared ray in each unit detects articles stored, leads to higher customer complaint resolution.


BackStage Management

Multi-functional interface simplifies system monitoring.


Data Backup

Customer information is always backed up even in the case of a power outage.



UI Customized

Special user interface support & different language offer to make your locker unique.


Fully Customizable

Our lockers can be customized according to clients’ requirements.