Intelligent Parcel Locker

YS logistic parcel storage intelligent lockers aim to help send, collect, store, monitor, and manage parcel items with ease. Its operating system allows various storage files, such as shipping status, sender information, and real-time monitoring, to be managed in one place.

Processing various statistical information is also made easier. The parcel carriers can simply deliver the packages to its destination and place it in the locker. The system will then send an automatic text message or email including a pick-up address and password to the receiver. At their own convenience, the receiver can pick up their items from the locker by entering the provided password or by replying directly to the text message sent before.

Logistic parcel storage intelligent lockers, therefore, provide convenience to both the receiver and parcel carrier. It shortens the receiver’s waiting time and avoids repeated delivery attempts. Overall, operating costs are reduced for shipping companies.

These lockers are suitable for schools, office buildings, airports, stations, hospitals, and many other public locations.


Safety: 1.00mm stainless steel ensures its safety feature. Physical and electric lock combination double checks doors opening . Convenience: Receiver can pick up parcel at their convenience at a nearby parcel delivery locker station.


Suitable for: Retails, Office buildings, Schools, Residence,  Airports, Railway Stations & Hospitals. 




Work Flow



Can be customized in the range of 20-160 units per assembled locker.


Multi Network Mode

Multiple lockers can be placed in various locations throughout the country and the locker’s network management system allows you access to provide maintenance and/or service whenever and wherever you need it.